PyRoom Dev: Branch merged: alignment

Freitag, 4. September 2009

Branch merged: alignment

While we're still working on the plugins branch and, at the moment, are building the GUI necessary for managing the plugins, we have finally been able to merge the alignment branch. The thing is, we just couldn't find anyone to test it on a multi screen setup.

I've attached a screenshot to my post, showing how text input can be aligned to the top now.

3 Kommentare:

  1. I've got a multi-screen setup and I'm a pyroom user - what do you need me to test, exactly?
    As of today, the current lp:pyroom checkout works ok, in that it maximises to cover the monitor you launch it on and centres on that monitor too. The top alignment also seems to work fine. Pyroom seems to have no effect on other monitors, other than the one it was launched on, which is fine by me. If you want anything more specific, or different branches, just email me:


  2. I just installed your program and love the look of it. I was wondering how to go about changing fonts or colors? Also, can it be used in a windowed mode?

  3. Just started using this program for writing the content of business websites, and I love it.

    PyRoom with Markdown formatting is much easier to write in than any other text editor or word processor I can name.

    Too bad my editor doesn't understand why I save in plain text...